2023-2024 SEASON BOARD

Dawn PalzewiczDawn Marie Palzewicz

Dawn Palzewicz graduated from the University of South Carolina and has worked as a graphic designer/art director since. She started freelancing on the side in 2002 and found success which lead her to turning it into her full time job. She has many clients in the Metro Atlanta area (mostly in the auto and medical industries) and has been the designer for the Atlanta International Auto Show for the last 19 years. 

She really enjoys producing graphics for tradeshows and PACs. She thrives off of spending her energy on event planning and uses her organizational skills and multitasking abilities to make things happen. This includes gymnastics competition and party planning. Dawn enjoys volunteering in activities that allow her to spend time with her family. She serves on a number of committees and boards at her 3 kids’ different activities and has held the positions of vice-presidents, treasurer and secretary on past boards. She has also taught off and on at her local church along with working in other volunteer positions in that community. 

She believes in sharing her time and talent and is happiest when busy. One thing she loves most about gymnastics are the opportunities to travel around the nation.

Courtney Kalley
Vice President

Courtney Kalley is a dedicated Pediatric Life Coach with over 15 years of experience in the field. Born and raised in the Midwest, Courtney holds a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Elementary Education. She has a diverse background of geographic experience as well, having lived and worked in various regions across the U. S. in many different work environments and roles. Most recently moving back to the Atlanta area with her family from California. 

She has two optional level gymnasts bringing valuable insight and experience to both the girls and boys programs. Previously being a key member and holding board positions on multiple nonprofit booster clubs. 

When not coaching or volunteering she enjoys flexing her creative muscles using multiple forms of art.



Esteban Guaderrama

Esteban Guaderrama is a member at large of the Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Booster Club and his son Sebastian is a Level 8 gymnast. Esteban and his wife Banesa Guaderrama have two children. Their Daughter Barbara who is also a gymnast for the girls’ team at Roswell have been a Roswell family for the past 6 years.

After a 15-year corporate career in healthcare as an Executive Clinical Consultant for Northside Hospital and other Non-Profit Organizations such as American Lung Association and Visiting Nurse Health System. Esteban is now the President and CEO of MBBS Enterprises, which is a consulting firm that assists non-profit organizations to plan and strategize assets and resources for successful operation.  

Esteban holds a Doctorate in Advanced Practice from ASU and is CNC and FACHE certified. He holds a M.A. from ASU and a B.A. from University of Texas.

Nicole Dennison
Nicole Dennison MS, MIS, MBA spends her days working in the biopharaceutical field as a regulatory IT program manager.   She is actively involved in Scouting and supporting her son and his goals.   Her hobbies include riding her horses,  cooking,  and driving to the gym.   She can usually be found outside if given the choice. 


Cody Alvarez
Member at Large #1

We all know Cody, she has worked hard serving as our Treasure for the last 4 years. Speaking from experience this position is one of the hardest roles to cover. I was once told by a gym owner that "No one likes the tax collector." I (Dawn) have personally been in this position and seen people step back when I made eye contact because they knew I was about to have a hard conversation with them. It isn't fun to be dreaded. That being said this season Cody was critical in implementing the new GoMotion billing system. A system that even I was doubtful about and am happy to say that I was wrong.  This system has made running the booster club and communicating with our members so much smoother. It has also  helped us and hopefully you guys  track billing, invoices etc. We also use this system to  manage our website. It may not be the prettiest site around but it is full of valuable information if you take the time to look. In case you don’t know you have to be logged in to view some of the most useful tools. The calendar is constantly being updated with valuable info - some of which you can only see while logged in.  There is also a page under the "About" menu where we have started to post info such as agendas & minutes, text from important emails, important documents, fundraising result info etc. Please take the time to check them out.

Nicole Koviak & Kim Williams
Members at Large #2 - Fundraising Nicole Koviak - Nicole jumped in and helped plan our Holiday Party in Dec. She was so much fun to work with when organizing this event.

Nicole along with Kim are very enthusiastic about fundraising and have a bunch of great ideas when it comes to soliciting sponsors.  I am really excited for the Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Team to start working on a few of their projects in the near future.

Kim Williams - MD CCFP FCFP CCFP-EM 

MBA with special interest in marketing. Hobbies anything involving fitness and the outdoors.

Kristen Yarbou
Member at Large #3 - Events & Volunteers
Kristen is a wonderful team mom. Anytime we have asked her if she can help with something she is always there. She was a part of last summer's Team Week Committee which was a huge success. She has also taken charge of our Photography Committee with her talented daughter. They have taken many of the beautiful pictures we post from the Roswell City Classic, the Mr. Big's Flippin' 5k, the Roswell Youth Day Parade, Team Week, and last year's banquet. Also important, when she notices something that she feels is off she will ask us about it instead of just wondering what is up.

Christine Rolka - RMGT Booster Club Member-At-Large
Chris Rolka 
Member at Large #4 - IT

Christine Rolka is a Member at Large of the Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Booster Club and her son Carlos is a Level 10 gymnast. She is married to Sal Peralta. They live in Carrollton, GA with their three children, Ana, Carlos, and Alex.

When she is not driving back and forth, Christine enjoys being outdoors, swimming, and pottery.