Last year so successful we decided to add a 2nd date!
We invite your gymnasts to sign up for Coach Michael’s and Coach Felippe's Progressive Performance Boys Gymnastics Workshop. This year we are offering 2 weekends to ensure intimate workshop size and matching potential. 


June 15-16 (Optionals)

June 22-23 (Compulsory & Xcel)



Coach Michael Bereznev and Coach Felippe Mendonca's invite you to join their 2024 Progressive Performance Men's Gymnastics Workshop which will take place in June. The goal of the workshop is to give your son the chance to train with top coaches on all six apparatuses, helping them improve their skills, technique and enthusiasm. This workshop will provide an excellent kick off to their summer training by encouraging and showing your gymnasts how to make the most out of their practice time while improving their technique.At this workshop coaches will provide expert training and instruction in all six apparatuses. They will guide your gymnasts to improve upon their base skills and technique while challenging them to push beyond their personal expectations therefore setting them up for their upcoming competition season.  

Workshop schedule will be emailed out before start of camp.

Roswell Gymnastics Optional & Elite Team Coach, 2 time Georgia Men's Gymnastics Coach of the Year, Georgia Men's Gymnastics State Elite Team Coach
Roswell Gymnastics Men's Team Head Coach & Supervisor, 2023 USAG Men's Gymnastics Junior Coach of the Year, and 2023 USAG Junior Men's National Team Coach.

Both Coach Felippe and Michael have had trained multible male gymnasts who have gone on to compete as Division 1 gymnasts and Gym Act gymnasts. In the last two seasons 2 of their former gymnasts now compete for Nebraska, 1 for Oklahoma, 1 for Ohio State, 2 for the Air Force Academy, 1 for Georgia United. A current team member has signed to compete for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. You can check out info about these young men on this page:

We invite all interested ot gyms and atheltes to contact us with questions. The goal of the workshop is to give all gymnasts the chance to train with top coaches on all six apparatuses, helping to improve their  skills, technique and enthusiasm. This workshop will provide an excellent kick off to their summer training. 

Coach Felippe and Michael will host a coach’s workshop following Saturday training sessions. 

It is highly recommended that coaches participate in the athlete training sessions to observe some of the techniques Felippe & Michael implement in action.


During the PPW Coach's Workshop topics such as:

  • Periodization Training
  • Foundations of Physical Preparation
  • Routine Composition
  • Injury Protection Therapy and Proprioception
  • Parallel Bars EG2 Going from A to E
  • Goal Planning SMART Goals
  • Training for Elite vs JN 
  • Tech Sequences and the Future


*Topic may change depending on the interest of coaches involved in workshop. 

If you are interested in bringing your entire team to the workshop, please reach out.  You can contact us at [email protected] for information about this workshop.




10495 Woodstock Road
Roswell, GA 30075

$300 per athlete
(Includes T-shirt, Sunday Lunch, Snacks & Water, & End of Workshop Celebration with Coaches, Athletes and Parents - treats such as ice cream will be served)

There will be a concessions stand in the lobby for additional snack purchases during the workshop.


Payments should be made via Zelle to [email protected] 

if you do not us Zelle and need another payment option please reach out to [email protected]



Workshop Flyer

Gymnasts and their Families...
If you have any questions about registration or the workshop please ask the RMGT Booster Club at
[email protected] .

If you have any questions about the workshop please speak with Coach Michael or Felippe. Please contact Dawn Palzewicz at [email protected] and CC  Coach Michael Bereznev @ [email protected]