GA State Elite Team Congratulations are in Order!

Dawn Marie Palzwewicz

Congratulations to Roswell Men's Gymnastics Team Level 6 Colton Jones (age 10), Level 6 Devin Masters (age 10), Level 6 Shai Flaks (age 10) and Future Stars qualifier, and Level 4 Felipe Ferrell for earning a spot on the GA Elite Competitive Team. They were selected this Sunday, Nov 6th, 2022 at the Georgia Elite Team Camp to be part of a competitive compulsory team that will represent our GA State at competitions. Way to go boys! Pictured below are the young men from across the state that earned a spot on the Level 4, 5 and 6 teams.  Devin, Shai and Colton are Coached by Leandro Heredia and Felipe is coached by Coach Ryan Smith

Felippe is pictured with the Level 4's to the far left. In the Level 6 picture you will find Shai in the far left position, Devin to the right of Shai and Colton to the right of Devin. 

The Georgia Elite Team is beening developed using the USA Gymnastics National Team, Future Stars, and Regional Elite Team programs as a guide.  This program exists for the specific purpose of enhancing coaches education and athlete development in the State of Georgia.

Athletes were selected to participate based on their results from at the GA State Championships. The top Georgia gymnasts were invited to two special training camps to further develop their level of gymnastics in Georgia and increase their overall education.  66 athletes were invited to the State Elite Team Camps. The invitations were based upon the top all around results from the 2022 State Championships for boys. 

The age groups were:

L3 - Top 10 eight - ten year olds
L4 - Top 10 nine - eleven year olds
L5 - Top 10 ten-twelve year olds 
L6 - Top 10 eleven - thirteen year olds
L7 - Top 10 twelve - fourteen year olds
L8 - Top 10 twelve - fourteen year olds
L9 - Top 10
L10 - Top 10

2022-2023 GA State Elite Team

Gymnast Club
Aarav Kumar Amplitude
Alex Skomorokhov Amplitude
Charlie Parks Amplitude
Daniel Weishar Amplitude
Eric Belykh Amplitude
Ethan Emry Amplitude
Gustav Joyce Amplitude
Jameson Parham Amplitude
Logan Matula Amplitude
Mason Woodruff Amplitude
Matthew Volkov Amplitude
Maxwell Saunders Amplitude
Miles Gravitt Amplitude
Owen Brady Amplitude
Shai Flaks Amplitude
Smayan Kumar Amplitude
Tucker Parks Amplitude
Adon Seskin ASG
Elias Tucker ASG
Ian Gerstle ASG
Evan Englade Cartersville
Gavin Hendrix Cartersville
Penn Yacovett Cartersville
Alex Gutierrez GAA
Branson Coursey GAA
Branson Coursey GAA
Cade Fallbacher GAA
Cole Fallbacher GAA
Jack Fallbacher GAA
Preston Cobb GAA
Jaelen Harris Gym Sports Academy
Bryson McKnight Gymnastix
Eric Mayfield Gymnastix
Eric Wiginton Gymnastix
Sam Rogers Gymnastix
Hayden Ronn Gymsations
Landon Clemons Gymsations
Aaron Gruwell Haydens
Connor Preston Haydens
Grant Bowers Haydens
Collin Amerson Island YMCA 
Conner Wheeless Newnan
John Cluelow Newnan
Cayler Crow Precision South
Collin Whittington Precision South
Joshua Arnold Precision South
Lucas McDaniel Precision South
Michael Primus Precision South
Will Heavner Precision South
Aiden Esval Roswell
Alex Tran Roswell
Anthony Koppie Roswell
Asher Fox Roswell
Bentley Watson Roswell
Carlos Peralta Roswell
Chase Davenport-Mills Roswell
Colton Jones Roswell
Devin Masters Roswell
Dominic Liriano Roswell
Felipe Ferrell Roswell
Jonathon Palzewicz Roswell
Julian Yon Roswell
Kijani Davis Roswell
Matthew Lewis Roswell
Matthew Nguyen  Roswell
Maxim Bereznev  Roswell
Savva Safronov  Roswell
Sebastian Guaderrama  Roswell
Yuliyan Holub Roswell

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