Roswell's 2023 Winter Cup & Elite Team Cup Qualifiers

Dawn Marie Palzwewicz

We are proud to announce that we have 3 Elite Gymnasts that have qualified to compete at the 2023 Winter Cup! They are Maxim Bereznev, Anthony Koppie, and Chase Davenport-Mills. We would also like to share that Matthew Nguyen will compete at the Elite Team Cup as a member of the Region 8 team. The Winter Cup and Elite Team Cup will be held February 24-26th in Louisville, Kentucky’s Freedom Hall. Check out for more info and to purchase tickets. 

If you don’t know…The 2023 Winter Cup is a qualifying event to the 2023 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The Winter Cup will also culminate in selecting the Junior and Senior National Teams to be named following the competition. The Elite Team Cup is a premier event featuring the 9 Men’s Regional Teams. Each team consists of 6 junior elite gymnasts. 


Maxim Bereznev qualified at the 2023 Windy City Invite on Saturday, January 14th, 2023 during the NCAA session competing alongside the following universities: Ohio State, Greenville University, University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, University of Michigan, and University of Illinois at Chicago. Max earned the highest AA score at this session to cement his spot at the Winter Cup. Max has signed with Oklahoma Men’s Gymnastics. 

Anthony Koppie qualified at the 2023 Stanford Open on January 28th, 2023 at the NCAA session. During this session NCAA Team’s Stanford University and Cal Berkely along with Team USA and Elite gymnasts from Gymnastics Olympia, Gymnastics World, Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Team, SB Gymnastics and Stanford University enjoyed an exciting competition and lots of cheers from the crowd. Many gymnasts were competing for a spot at the 2023 Winter Cup and we are beyond thrilled that Anthony was one of the gymnasts to earn a spot. Anthony has signed with Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics. 

Chase Davenport-Mills qualified through his placement on the Junior National Team. A spot earned at the 2022 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. Chase has signed with Ohio State University and enjoyed the opportunity to rotate with his future team at the 2023 Windy City Invite. It was exciting for us in the bleachers to cheer him and his future team on during the NCAA session. 


Matthew Nguyen will be competing at the 2023 Elite Team Cup as a member of the Region 8 team. Matthew has earned this spot based on his outstanding work so far this season.

We are truly thankful for the opportunities that our team has due to the support of the City of Roswell, the leadership and training from our elite optional coaches Felippe Mendonca, Micheal Bereznev, and Leandro Heredia and the parents that trust us with their talented young men.

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