Fundraising Update

Dawn Marie Palzwewicz

As you know this seasons fundraising will focused heavily on new equipment purchases needed for our team. We have around 65 RMGT team members. If each family help out we should be able to make a significant impact. 



The Alma Coffee Fundraiser has closed. By now everyone should of picked up their coffee. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 


Our team sold 74 bags of coffee earning the RMGT Booster Club Equipment Fundraiser $605. 


We had hoped to earn enough with this fundraiser to cover the entire cost of the new rings purchase. We did earn enough to cover half and have decided to move ahead with the purchase of the new rings. The rings costs the booster club $1280 and we anticipated delivery and installation soon.  Thank you so much to everyone that participated in the coffee fundraiser! 


ALMA COFFEE Fundraising Participants

Savva Safronov

David Long

Blake Liscomb

Cayden Higley 

Staunton Wright

Logan Rivera

Asaph McRae

Asher Fox

Anthony Koppie

Jonathan Palzewicz

Dominic Liriano

Cindy Furman

Coach Felippe

Mary Niedzwieck