2022 Youth Day Parade

Dawn Marie Palzwewicz

ROSWELL. The morning of October 8 was a beautiful day for the Roswell Men's Gymnastics team to participate in the 2022 Youth Day Parade as the Grand Marshall. We were excited to discover bucket loads of candy donated to us by the City of Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department. This helped ensure we did not run out of candy before the parade ended.  The young men of our team enjoyed sharing the bounty with all that showed up. They are so thankful for the city's continued support of our amazing gymnastics program.  

Roswell Level 10 Elite Gymnasts, Max Bereznev and Anthony Koppie were able to meet with Roswell's Mayor, Kurt Wilson and have a brief conversation with him before the festivities started.  Max and Anthony were also able to help pick the parade winners and enjoyed a special spot in the parade in the back of a city truck decorated with "Big Heads'' of themselves and their two teammates that couldn't be there that day (Chase Mills-Davenport & Toby Liang). This truck pulled a trailer with many of their fellow level 10 teammates (1st place team at Nationals) on board. They were followed on foot by many members of the men’s level 8, 6, 5, and 4 teams along with the coaching staff of Roswell Gymnastics. Behind the marching boys was the Roswell Girl’s Gymnastics Team showing their support for the City of Roswell, Roswell Gymnastics and the men’s gymnastics program as one happy family.  

Roswell Men’s Gymnastics is ranked as one of the Top 10 men’s gymnastics programs in the Nation. During this year's Nationals Dev Championships Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Level 10 Team (our top team) earned 1st place out of all the other top Level 10 teams in the Nation. 

At these same championships four of our Junior Elite Level 10 team members competed to qualify for a spot at the 2022 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, which took place August 18-21 in Tampa, Fla. These 4 athletes, Max Bereznev, Toby Liang, Anthony Koppie and Chase Davenport-Mills.  earned the honor of competing at this championship. Anthony, Max, and Toby competed in the senior division against Olympians such as Brody Malone. Chase competed in the junior division where he placed 3rd all around, 1st on High Bar, 2nd on Floor and earned a spot on the Junior National Team. Toby Liang retained his spot on the Junior National Team. 

Once again we are honored by the support from the City of Roswell, the Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department headed by Jeffrey Leatherman, The Parks maintenance crew that helped us decorate and clean up after the parade, the Roswell Gymnastics Program headed by Cindy Furman, and the Roswell Girls Gymnastics Team who always show up in support of our men’s gymnastics program. Let's Go Roswell!


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