Current Fundraiser: ROSWELL CITY CLASSIC & Meet Shop Fundraiser

2023-24 FlipGive

Fundraiser Lead - Courtney Kalley

If you are thinking of taking advantage of the great sales going on for upcoming back to school sales please consider checking the FlipGive App to see if the store you are shopping at is a FlipGive partner.  Anyone can join the team! JOIN HERE

So far our members have earned the booster club $1143.04 - which is amazing considering there have only been a few members who have used the app to make purchases! I can only imagine how much more we can raise if everyone would give it a chance. It really is easy. If you need a buddy to help you make your first purchase let me know!


Recently I used the app to buy a gift card for Office Max to purchase office supplies. I earned the booster club $3.75 by taking a tiny extra step. Maybe a minute of my time. I also went to Olive Garden with my oldest the other day for lunch. While sitting at the table I purchased an Olive Garden gift card using the app thus earning the booster club another $3.50.

Right now my account is open so you can see what I am purchasing if you want to look. There is an option where you can hide where you are shopping for those of us that like more privacy. See Courtney’s Thread. You can see what she has earned but not where she has shopped.

All funds raised from now until the end of the month will be applied to  NEW UNIFORM  purchases. As mentioned previously we will have a new uniform design this season which means we will  ALL  be purchasing a new uniform for our sons this season. I hope you are as excited as I am to see the new design. As of now we have raised enough funds to purchase a meet shirt or shorts for the boys.



 2023-24 Meet Shop Fundraiser  -

Fundraiser Lead - Courtney Kalley

Last season we had a limited stock of products from Turn Gymnastics including grips, wrist supports, wrist bands, slides, socks, training shorts, comp pants, comp shorts, comp step-ins, water bottles, grip bags, drawstring bags etc for sell at our home meets. We also had custom items availble such as custom t-shirts & water bottles. Contact Courtney if you are looking for something special and she will see if you can make it happen team Roswell. 

We plan to bring back the Meet Shop back to the Judges Cup and Roswell City Classic. We plan to have custom Men's Gymnastics t-shirts and other gear for purchase at the meet shop. 


 2024 Roswell City Classic Meet Fundraiser  -

Fundraiser Lead - Dawn Palzewicz & Board Officers


 2023 Judge's Cup Meet Fundraiser  -

Fundraiser Lead - Board Officers

We will be hosted the 2023 Judge's Cup.  


2023 Sheets Sales Fundraiser  -

Fundraiser Lead - Nicole Koviak

LolaBird Sheet Fundraiser- Oct 28-Nov 20th



 5k FUNDRAISER  - 2022 Mr. Big's Flippin' 5k 

Fundraiser Lead - Dawn Palzewicz

The funds from the 2022 Mr. Big's Flippin' 5k helped purchase a new pommel mat. 

Thank you to all who came out in support of the 2022 Roswell Men’s Gymnastics “Mr. Big’s” Flippin’ 5K on Saturday, November 12th, 2022. Your generosity was critical to the success of our event and the benefit of the gymnastics team. We thank you for taking advantage of this great opportunity to support our gymnastics program in a fun healthy way.

We plan on hosting the next "Mr. Big's Flippin' 5k on either Nov 11th or 18th. 

Contact Dawn Palzewicz at [email protected] with any feedback about 2022 race and to learn more about how you can help with next years “Mr. Big’s” Flippin’ 5K Race



Fundraiser Lead - Dawn Palzewicz

We were able to earn enough money from this the 2022 Alma Coffee Fundraiser to cover half the cost of the new rings for the ring tower.  The remaining portion was covered from the Yearly Commitment Fee Collected. 

This season we are looking at other selling options or times. It was mentioned it maybe nice to offer this closer to the holidays so families can purchase as gifts. 

Thank you to all the families that participated in the 2022 Alma Coffee Fundraiser! 
Jonathan Palzewicz, Savva Safronov, David Long, Blake Liscomb, Cayden Higley, Staunton Wright, Logan Rivera, Asaph McRae, Asher Fox, Anthony Koppie, Dominic Liriano (Alvarez), Cindy Furman, Coach Felippe, and Mary Niedzwiecki. 




  • Company Name/Logo:
    • Logo and Name on Home page of website. Ad & Link on website home page. 
    • On event signage
    • On RCC meet website page and all event marketing (flyers, e-communications, etc.)
    • Ad in meet program
  • Opportunity to distribute swag, flyers, product information, samples, and/or coupons at door and as gymnasts gift.
  • Opportunity to place signage in gym on the day of meet
  • Sponsorship table at event
  • Recognition in pre- and post-event communications
  • Verbal recognitions as a GOLD sponsor in announcements during the event
  • 4 complimentary door entries  at the RCC


  • Company Name/Logo
    • On event signage
    • On RCC meet website page and all event marketing  (flyers, e-communications, etc.)
  • Opportunity to distribute swag, flyers, product information, samples, and/or coupons at door and as gymnasts gift.
  • Recognition in pre- and post-event communications
  • Verbal recognitions as a SILVER sponsor in announcements during the event
  • 2 complimentary door entries at the RCC


  • Company Name/Logo on meet website
  • 1 Complimentary door entrie at the RCC
  • Opportunity to distribute swag, product information, samples, and/or coupons in race bag

The Roswell Men’s Gymnastics Team Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

All sponsorship forms, logos, payments must be in by 10/21/2022 to guarantee logo placement on race t-shirt. Logos should be provided in vector format. Please contact Dawn Palzewicz at [email protected] with artwork questions.